Hey, I'm Tim!

I am a Designer, UX Designer, Identity Creator, Drupal Site Builder, Website Builder & Art Director

+Waxer of stache!

A little history...

I like to craft print and web projects – design, strategize, build, as well as organization & project management. I love to work closely with people as well as projects and the challenges they produce. I've worked in a multitude of industries from Pulp and Paper, Small Business, to Continuing Medical Education. My breadth spans small print projects, graphic design, brand identity, user experience, magazine production, front-end website development and Drupal(CMS) as a site builder & themer - all the while managing expectations and budget along the way. I have worked in-house, freelance and contract with a sponge-like attitude for learning, teaching and sharing throughout all experiences. The goal being is to create the best you can for the project at hand.

Key areas of expertise are: Art Direction, Graphic Design, UX/UI Usability, Photography, Typography, Identity, Branding, Brand Management and Drupal Site Building & Theming



Yeah, everyone wants that. I also like to talk about your goals and data analytics. Building an identity is as much about crafting the image of the company or product as well as to create resonance. My specialty is the whole kit and cabootle, creating a plan for branding, marketing and creating an interface for communicating on the web – I also like to going heads down a one project just as well.


Compressed Fibers

I consider myself old-school, and not just because I liked cutting rubylith for my print jobs! Design is so multi-faceted these days, you have print, web, UX, UI, however, I really enjoy being able to communicate ideas and strategies through creative means. Being able to design across print and media, creating a campaign that is tracked through analytics is something I truly enjoy.


I | O

I have been interested in web design, UX and presentation since before the Internet started up, my second major, after all, was computer presentation. I remember my first mindspring account and how difficult it was to find anything without knowing how to find a message board. That was just when I started walking up hill in the snow both ways, sometimes it feels that long ago - right!

I have been designing and building websites for about 10 years. The last 5 I have been building Drupal base CMS websites and maintaining them as well. I enjoy requirements gathering and turning towards design and UX to create sites that work with the clients goals at hand.

I do like long walks on the beach ...
how else do you find awesome shells
and take great photographs!

This is a short walk into some of what I like to do everyday. I strive to be a communicator, whether through design in print or on the web, I look to communicate out that message and gather data to measure our goals.

Here is an older portfolio page that I created a while ago. Portfolio

I do have to say that this is my first website in a few years, like 10, I am hoping to build this up over the next few months. To be honest, I spend all of my free time with my kids on their school projects as well as sport teams and sometimes co-coaching right now.